Professor Stefan Alexandrowicz

    Stefan Alexandrowicz (1904-1995) Since 1945 at the post of senior assistant in the Chair of Specialist Animal Breeding of the Poznań University headed by prof. Tadeusz Vetulani. In 1947 graduated (PhD) from the Poznań University. Habilitation and nomination to the post of deputy professor (pol. zastępca profesora) in 1951. Professor (pol. profesor nadzwyczajny ) since 1954, full professor (pol. profesor zwyczajny) since 1962. In 1952-53 Dean of the Faculty of Animal Breeding at the School of Agriculture (now Poznań University of Life Sciences). He succeeded prof. Vetulani (1953) as the head of the Chair (until 1969). Research in immunogenetics, targeting the developement of the local spacies. He created Polish local pig races: variations of zlotnicka domestic pig and contributed to a substantial improvement of quality and rentability of pig breeding in Poland. Honorary degree (honoris causa) from the Agricuture Academies in Szczecin (1971), Poznań (1984) and Wrocław (1986).

    (compiled by Z. Vetulani).