Professor Witold Folejewski

    Witold Folejewski (1909-1969) studied at the Jagiellonian Univesity and Stefan Batory University in 1930-1934. After a short period of breeding practice in the Vilnius region obtains position as senior assistant in the Chair of Special Animal Breeding at the Poznań University headed by prof. Tadeusz Vetulani. After the World War II he come back to continue this activitz. PhD in 1947 under the supervision of prof. T. Vetulani1947 (Studia nad karnówką (polską owcą krajową)/Studies of 'karnówka' domestic sheep (Polish local sheep)/). Habilitation (1951) from the Faculty of Agriculture of tha Poznań University in general animal breeding. Professor (pol. profesor nadzwyczajny) since 1954, full professor since 1964. Headed the Chair of General Animal Breeding since 1952. Dean of the Faculty of Animal Breeding in 1960-1964. Known for his work on the improvement of local domestic animal species, hematology and animal genetics.

    (compiled by Z. Vetulani).

Witold Folejewski