Professor Jerzy Zwoliński

    Jerzy Zwoliński (1921-1978) was first a student volunteer-assistant in the Department (pol. Zakład) of Special Animal Breeding. He completed his studies in 1949. He prepare his PhD under supervision of prof. Tadeusz Vetulani. Graduated from the School of Agriculture (now Poznań University of Life Sciences) in 1952 (Wartość użytkowa krajowych koni prymitywnych (Practical utility of Polish primitive horses)). After Vetulani's death he becomes head of the department of Special Horse Breeding in the Chair of Special Animal Breeding. Habilitation in 1961. Professor (pol. profesor nadzwyczajny) since 1968, full professor since 1977. In1964-69 was Dean of the Facuty of Animal Breeding and from 1972 to 1978 was the Rector (President) of the Academy of Agriculture (now Poznań University of Life Sciences). Served the Polish governement as expert. Outstanding investigator of horses. Author of over 100 papers concerning exterior, exploatation and immunogenetics of horses and equidae. Author of the first Polish academic textbook on horse breeding (Hodowla koni /Horse breeding/).

    (compiled by Z. Vetulani).

Jerzy Zwoliński