Distinction for the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hab. Michał Kleiber

    During 21.08-22.08.2010 the Research Station for Ecological Agriculture and Preservation of Native Breeds in Popielno hosted Prof. Dr. Michał Kleiber, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences. At this occasion, for his personal involvement and as well as in appreciation of the special role played by the Polish Academy of Sciences in the protection of the konik polski and in the organisation of the research bases to continue the investigations started by Vetulani, the Association of Polish Konik Breeders awarded prof. Kleiber a distinction in form of Konik Head Statuette, distinction being awarded by the Association for special merits in the Konik breed or research. Distinction was handed over to Prof. Kleiber by Prof. Zygmunt Vetulani.

    The Polish Academy of Sciences fully realises the message of Tadeusz Vetulani: "...our responsibility to following generations does not allow us to witness passively the extinction of one of the most primitive species of horses in Europe without researching in every possible way their significance for the requirements of practical breeding."

Prof. Zygmunt Vetulani hands over the 'Konik Head Statuette' to prof. M. Kleiber; at the left dir. A. Rudzki and prof. Zb. Jaworski Dir. A. Rudzki, prof. Zbigniew Jaworski, prof. Michał Kleiber (with Statuette), prof. Zygmunt Vetulani Statuette of the Association of Polish Konik Breeders