Some links for Konik enthousiasts

  • The official web site of the Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno (Stacja Badawcza Rolnictwa Ekologicznego i Hodowli Zachowawczej Zwierząt Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Popielnie). The Station is active since 1955 as the main natural reserve of Konik in the world. Some 40 horses spend their live in the Popielno forests being subject of behavioural research and natural breeding. This works constitute direct continuations of the research and breeding works started by Prof. Vetulani before the World War II in Białowieża and Poznań. The site is in both Polish and English. Click the link to go to the site.

  • Since 2009 Konik breeders and other interested persons are associated in the Association of Polish Konik Breeders /Związek Hodowców Konika Polskiego (PZHP)/ active during 1998-2008 as Section of Polish Konik Breeders of the Polish Horse Breeders Association /Polski Związek Hodowców Koni (PZHK)/. (Some of important activities of the former Section are still continued by the PZHK, as e.g. maintenance of the Konik Stud Book.) PZHP maintains a web site (in Polish), in progress. This site provides informations of interest both for breeders and large public. For any of these two organisations cf. the corresponding link.

  • The web site of the Roztocze National Park (Roztoczański Park Narodowy) contains short information about the both stable-less (1 herd) and traditional stable-based breeding of Konik in the Park. Click the link to go to the site.

  • The site offers an interesting report by Zofia and Stefan Zubczewski about the 10 years history of the Konika Festival and the WKKP competition (since 2004 as "Prof. Tadeusz Vetulani WKKP Memorial Contest") (full list of former participants of the contest included).(WKKP /Wszechstronny Konkurs Konika Polskiego/ is a unique competition dedicated for young riders whose formula (adapted to Konik) refers to the 3-Day Event regulations). (This site is in Polish but you will see nice pictures) Click the link to go to the site.

Konik Polski Days in Wojnowo