Vetulani's attempts towards restitution of "forest tarpan" - presentation

  • The presentation illustrates the research and breeding activities of prof. Tadeusz Vetulani towards restitution of the "tarpan of forests" extinct in nature at the end of XVIII century and preserved in unsupervised and uncontrolled breeding in captivity during the XIX century in Poland. These works resulted in the creation of "Konik". The presentation is entierly based on the quotations from the outstanding experts. Photographs come from Vetulanis' archives. Coloured pictures from the Popielno reserve comes from the collection of prof. Zbigniew Jaworski. Selection of quotations and illustrations was done by Zygmunt Vetulani. The presentation was first shown in Popielno in 2006. The presentation is in Polish but will be soon available in English. To see the presentation just click on the icon. Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer.