Reserve breeding in Popielno. The Konik population in the reserve on August 20,2010

    On August 20, 2010 the total size of the Konik population living in the Reserve maintained by the Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciencesin Popielno was 41 horses, including stallions (5), mares (19) and foals. To see more, please do click on the icon.Notice: as result of the fight (August 21-23,2010) between the stallion Osowiec (1987) and his son Namur (2007) the situation in the Osowiec herd dramatically changed (see below).

    (according prof. Zb. Jaworski).

List of stallions and mares in the Popielno reserve on August 20, 2010

    Horses in the Reserve. Pictures from the collection of Zb. Jaworski.

Mare of the herd of 'Tulipan, Popielno-reserve' Stalion 'Tulipan' (on the left), autumn 1999, Popielno-reserve The herd of  'Osowiec', Wielka Łąka, Popielno-reserve Mare 'Hala' from the herd of 'Tasznik' (env. 1998), Popielno-reserve Mares of the herd  of 'Nacios', Wielka Łąka (1996), Popielno-reserve Mares from the stable-group with foals on the field, Popielno Female foal from the herd of the stalion 'Tulipan' (late autumn 1995), Popielno-reserve Mares from the herd of  'Osowiec', Popielno-rezerwat The mare 'Narewna from the herd of 'Tulipana' on the Warnołty lake, Popielno-reserve

Succession fight between Osowiec (1987) and Namur (2007)

An important event of August 21-22, 2010 was the domination fight between the stallion Osowiec (born1987, after Liściak from Ożyna after Oszczep) and his son Namur P (born 2007, after Osowiec from Nipa after Nacios). This rivalry appeared successful for Namur (actively supported by his mother who took over the herd. Osowiec was deadly injured in the fight. Pictures and video of the Osowiec herd in the Popielno Forest (Wielka Łąka) on August 23, 2009.

Osowiec herd at Wielka Łąka (Popielno), 2009 Osowiec (center) and a part of his, 2009 Osowiec herd, video, 2010.08.23